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A learn to read book. It is about houses not necessarily being homes, and homes not necessarily being houses. These books found their way into schools and many of Australia's top universities use them in their early childhood faculties.

That's not a house!

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  • An easy reader for children learning to read. 

    In a non confrontational or upsetting way this book explains to children what a 'home' is. Tropical Cyclone Larry first made itself felt in North Queensland March 20th 2006. The effects of the devistation left in its wake were felt by the northern communities for many years. The broken rainforest, affected farms and towns all took time to regrow and rebuild - but it happened.  

    This book was written after our home was destroyed in the catastrophic natural disaster. It has been used to council displaced children by Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand following natural disasters.

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