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Novel in the works

Sparked by NANOWRIMO and four words chosen by my two sons, I have been working on a novel. I sometimes fall down a rabbit hole when I research information. I find the story I am writing to be incredibly inspiring and all consuming. My many novelist friends tell me this is a novel that MUST BE WRITTEN!

I'm not going to tell you what the story entails, not yet anyway. But below are a few images that have something to do with my story.

9 Strahov Monastery Prague.jpg
john dee q liz 1.jpg

My inspirations

I guess I am inspired by the question 'what if?' 
After the question is asked, I then try to prove (at least to myself) that the 'what if' actually happened, OR, could happen... is it possible, or even believable? I like reading books that make me sit back and wonder, and if they make me reach for encyclopedic information all the better. I also see writing as a sculptural form. To me the story and words within are like a big block of clay, you take some from here, add some there, push it this way, mold it into something extravagant or simple... Subscribe to my 'occasional' newsletters to keep up to date with my writing progress.

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