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When you come from a family who don’t always do the right thing and you’re expected to follow, it’s difficult to break away, join Shadow as he embarks on a journey to see things differently and change his future.


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  • Suitable for 4-10 years

    Shadow is meant to join the family business and become the THING that goes bump in the night. Except, his desire is to make friends, be helpful, and not scare people.In the vein of ‘Splaypus’ by Sudipta Bardham-Quallen, and ‘Flight School’ by Janell Cannon, crossed with ‘The Seeing Stick’ by Jane Yolen, Shadow embarks on a quest to find his place in the world. Being all but invisible (Shadows are naturally transparent), makes it difficult for him and unfortunately, he comically causes trouble and frightens townsfolk. Before admitting defeat and finally joining the Darkness that follows him, he meets a little girl who saves him from a moral dilemma and introduces readers to the concept that kindness and friendship can go both ways, people see things differently, and that everyone has a place in the world where they are safe and happy if they slow down and absorb their surroundings.


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