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This is my series of early reader books (varying reading levels) they all have something to do with farming. I wrote them after moving from the city and learning of the problems faced by our farmers. I wanted to show my support. I wanted city kids to learn a little about farms and farming.

These books found their way into schools and many of Australia's top universities use them in their early childhood faculties.

You choose your collection and get a discount. 

Set of 3 'That's not a...'

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  • You choose.
    Three books from the 'That's not a...' series to get a discount.

    They are different reading levels. 1-7

    That's not a tractor

    That's not a milk carton

    That's not a raincoat

    That's not a moo cow

    That's not a house

    That's not a bulldozer

    That's not a balloon

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