Quirky, Professional, Imaginative, and Original

Those are words I have heard people use to describe my work and my personality. Art is my first language.

Invoking the 'happy' in people is my goal, assisting other humans to lead lives surrounded by things that bring joy and inspiration. I also believe if you can dream it, you can accomplish it. Creating stories with words and pictures is my thing. As well as giving you the opportunity to purchase my original artworks and copies of my picture books, I offer mentorships so  I can help you release your inner awesomeness.

Please dive into my website and see if I have something here that suits you.

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Snippets of what I do and how I work...

Fine Art
Works on canvas, paper, & 
3 dimensional

Photo realism to Semi Abstract,

Watercolour to Oils,

Flat work to 3 dimensional artist books.

I love to create and mix it up, always trying something new whilst building my brand and unique style.

Images are clickable links...
Work for children and adults

My inner 4 year old is the writer I look to when writing for children... I always use a pencil.

If I use anything else, pen, computer, I am writing for an adult audience. I also write on commission for magazines.

I have always had a love of patterns, line, and colour. How these images fit together in harmonious ways, and how images that traditionally oppose each other can sit side by side in an electric yet harmonious  juxtaposition. 

Something I am working on
Surface pattern design
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