New Year’s Resolution

I should give some thought to my New Years Resolutions as New Years Eve is only two sleeps away. The past few years I have made some good ones and stuck to them. Let me share some tricks I have found that help me keep those resolutions.

Are you planning on making a resolution?
Will you make sure it is achievable?

That’s the clue, making your resolution achievable. There is no point in declaring you will give up chocolate if it is the one thing you crave. Or never touching alcohol again and becoming a gym junkie if you hate exercise and live above a bar. Cutting back on some things and taking baby steps toward a healthier you may be a better resolution. When it comes to the resolutions involving smoking, food and exercise it is best to get some help to keep those ones. I did, a couple of years ago I wanted to give up certain food stuffs that I craved… so I hired a hypnotist, and it will be three years since I have had any… and I don’t miss them at all.

There is one resolution I made a few years ago that I continue each year as it rolls around (it was a good one). I made a promise to myself – because that is what a resolution is, isn’t it, a promise. I promised I would read at least one classic novel and one literary novel each year as well as the popular fiction I love.

That means only PROMISING to read two books, as the remainder of my reading is the popular fiction I love it doesn’t matter if I read one or fifteen of them. So far, I have discovered some amazing literary pieces that I adore – I actually thought they might be too high brow for me and I wouldn’t even understand them, but not at all, literary writers are artists painting with their words and I am often lost in them. Sadly I confess to being a little disappointed in some of the classics. But the resolution was designed to extend my writing… and it is.

This year I think I will continue that resolution and add to it.
I know I can’t add too much though as I am going to have an extremely busy year with two art exhibitions booked in I also have joined 12X12X13. The later is a challenge to work on 12 picture books over the 12 months of 2013 with a group organised by Tara Lazar she ran the PiBoIdMo I mentioned to you in a previous post. ( By the way the 30 ideas I was supposed to have turned into about 46) I also have my commitments to several community groups.

That is something else I have noticed, one needs to think of how busy they are before making these promises to themselves.

I can’t tell you how good I felt when at the end of each year I know I have kept my resolution and that means I have managed to keep at lest one promise. Two sleeps to think more about what I want to achieve this coming year… maybe I should promise to write on my blog once a fortnight. Yep, I think that is do-able.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your resolutions.