Life Imitating Art


You’ve heard the saying ‘Life imitates art’, well strangely enough my life seems to be imitating not my art but my studies – kind of. Let me explain.

At the moment I am studying two history subjects. No, my life isn’t history… But one subject revolves around pop culture, how it shapes us, as we create it. The other subject is more involved, it covers the history of the universe from the Big Bang till now; complete with nuclear physics, biology, geology, archaeology, and any other ology you can think of really.

The pop culture subject has reinforced to me that our past actions and acquaintances have a lasting effect. Memories can lay dormant, pastimes that were once important can fall by the wayside only to become important again when someone new enters or something happens. It also reminded me that simple things that mean little to some, can mean the world to others, and can, in fact be life altering. In this vein I am working toward an assignment of which I get to create the question, I think my question exemplifies my last statement.

Boats to Belly-laughs: To what extent does pop culture – specifically comedic culture – influence society’s view on and acceptance of refugees and immigrants?

I mentioned in a previous blog thoughts on the future creating the past and the people who enter our lives turning up to give us lessons or reminders… well since writing that blog I have had someone enter – and leave – after they supplied an experience. Most of the experience was good, however, I could see patterns emerging very quickly that were less than positive. I learned two important lessons, one, that I am smart enough to read signs and decipher the plan/future, and two, I am strong enough to say NO and remove myself from an unwanted situation before it happens.

The Big Bang subject focuses on energy. I’ve found it to be mind boggling but also extremely interesting. I can relate this subject back to my life at present as well. Energy is expensive. Like our power bill and fuel for our cars we have a cost to keep ourselves energised via what we consume both as food and entertainment. We expend energy, studying, working, and playing. We have to use our energy wisely, the way we chose our friends. My friends feed my energy (and my tummy), they feed my creativity and encourage me to be actively pursuing my dreams… even if they think I’m not listening.

Thanks for feeding me.