It’s Time

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Astrological Clock Prague – photo credit Steve Collis Melbourne


It’s multifaceted. Eternal, limited, and elusive, it can be made, traveled, studied, lost and wasted.

Time is relative.

Physicists have a quantum theory known as ‘retrocasuality’, this theory suggests that time (particles) could have actually moved backward if the Big Bang had been slightly different. What they claim, is that if it CAN’T be proven that time MUST run forward, it is possible then, quantum particles CAN travel backward through time and affect their partner particles. Part of me has come to believe that this or something similar actually happens…

It is as if time is also multidimensional. Like sliding doors things happen, often more than one thing at a time… people come into your life (or back into it) at precisely the ‘right’ time. It is as though the future shapes our past and visa versa. The things that happen which at the time may seem insignificant, or alternately be completely devastating, appear to be preparing us for what is yet to come – be it good or bad. Maybe it (time) works in a series of loops?

In a past blog I mentioned life being like a treacle covered ladder, and I guess I am saying the same thing. The good goes with the bad, life has a way to balance itself out.

Recently I have had a couple of people pass through my life, it turns out, individually, we were put together to be a support or lesson to the other. One day, when I was exhausted, I told the Universe I needed Alice from the Brady Bunch to come and look after me, a couple of months later a lady randomly contacted me, she was looking for somewhere to stay. I agreed to have her move in and she became ‘Crazy Alice’, her hobbies were cooking and cleaning, she was a great company to me too, I needed her and she appeared. She also put it into my mind that I should perhaps not be alone. Several months after she was gone I helped a friend (I didn’t know overly well and hadn’t seen in years) paint a house and be the ear he needed (I also told hard truths). I hope I helped him, I know he was the catalyst to my mindset changing in regards to being more social again and working on my fitness. It was as though my present knew what was to come in the future and therefore provided what I needed in what would become the past.

Almost a year later and due to stresses from the death of a close friend, a fire and ensuing court case, and a few other things, I had taken a break from Uni to rest, I ultimately became more social and now I have new friends coming into my life, one in particular is behind this blog, nag, nag, nag… I’m not sure what my future holds but I think, somehow, it is sending what and who I need to my present so that what becomes my past can shape the future that is yet to happen.