Treacle Covered Ladder

I was thinking this morning, yes I know, I’m always thinking, though sometimes it isn’t obvious…

I was thinking that LIFE is like a ladder with treacle covered rungs. You know, one of those old fashioned timber ladders with dowel for rungs – the kind that hurt your feet. The kind used by decorators now.

Imagine this covered in treacle.

Imagine this covered in treacle.

Like a treacle covered ladder, life can be sweet. It can also be sticky, slippery, fraught with dangers, and difficult to get to the top.

My life is like that. I have two fantastic kids, great family, and wonderful friends. I live in a beautiful part of the world and have found success with my art. Sometimes though, things don’t go to plan, those rungs are slippery. Mother Nature has had a habit of knocking me down a couple of rungs, loss of babies, cyclone destroyed house etc. But the sun always shines and those times make the good times better. Sometimes, it is the people you trust most that let you down (several rungs, and not so gently). This past year has been one of those times, and try as I might, climbing back up that slippery ladder has been a feat in itself. Even my creative Muse ran off.


But I am doing it.

With the support of my family and friends – I didn’t realise I had so many.


This is a new beginning.

I have set challenges for myself.

University here I come (well, on-line).

I have found my Muse and am about to put her to work again.

I have picture books to finish, I have artwork calling me, I have writer groups to lead (can you see my flag flying yet?)

I have a tiara to wear.

I have a pencil and intend to use it.


And from now on, that treacle will be licked from my fingers!

(I have also invested in a harness) 🙂