Start the Year Off Write



Wow, it is 2014 already. Was your 2013 successful? Mine was.

As you know I participated in the 12 x 12 picture book challenge [I signed up for this year as well]. I managed to write my 12 picture books in the 12 months, I submitted each opportunity that arose [that is something I hadn’t really done much of] You know…. although doing those things were great and much needed the most wonderful thing I found with being part of 12 x 12 was the community. I made so many friends, and I don’t use the word friend lightly either. Because most of them are in the Americas or Europe and airfares from the Land of Oz can be both expensive and exhausting I realize I may never get to actually meet them and that makes me feel like I could be on the Moon…  they managed to make me feel as though I lived next door and we had been friends for a very long time.

Now…. to Starting the Year Off Write… Shannon Abercrombie has come up with a wonderful idea. 21 days of writing exercises. This is for Picture Book writers, writers of books for older children and writers of YA… so you’re covered. I registered to receive the blog and the private Facebook group and guess what I found… friends, lots of familiar faces welcoming me to the happy place of encouraging each other to write and write well. 😉

There will be prizes, It is easy. You are not accountable to anyone but yourself. 

Follow the link above or visit 

May the Force [and my friends] be with you.