2014 Welcomes Us


It’s three days into a new year and I am yet to make a resolution… is it too late? I had a few ideas but I kept procrastinating and missed the Midnight deadline – can I have an extension?

Two of my writing buddies have written posts about procrastination, Yvonne Mes  has the positive approach and Sylvia Liu  tells us the traps… they are both, as usual spot on AND entertaining. Also while you are supposed to be working on your next masterpiece reading these posts will assist you in your procrastination thinking.

As far as resolutions go, the ones I made last year were great. they were very do-able and kept me on track with my work. I managed to continue with my reading promise and I managed to write my 12 picture book drafts in 12 months, joining the 12 x 12 community had other benefits too, I submitted nearly a dozen manuscripts… submitting is something I normally fail miserably at.


I must confess, I disagree with one of Yvonne’s ‘non-productive’ procrastinations – vacuuming.  When I vacuum, because I dislike it so much, I swear constantly talk to myself. It is during these sucky conversations I have come up with some of my most awesome favorite story ideas.


So, no new resolutions for 2014, I guess I like the ones I made last year and they are certainly re-do-able, I might just kick off with those.


Happy New Year and happy procrastinating.