As an artist I visit many exhibitions and often am left wondering ‘Why? Why did I just subject myself to that?’

I know that good art is meant to make the viewer think and feel, but so many contempory exhibitions leave the viewer either shocked or depressed. I could be wrong but it seems to be fashionable to paint your deepest darkest feelings onto canvas and share that with the world. It is one thing to express thoughts on world problems but another to subject people to personal angst.

Don’t get me wrong… I am a believer in sharing, but why, if the artist is miserable should the rest of the world feel bad too.

If you walk down the street and someone smiles at you, you cannot help but smile back no matter how you are feeling at the time.

I want my artwork to be that smile.


I still want the viewer to think and feel, but I want those thoughts and feelings to be a pleasant experience, most importantly I want the viewer to discover and explore. I want to help make the viewer feel better about life.

As a person I too have experienced some horrific things. I had been told to use my art and writing to expel that hurt, fear and anger. If I had done that, the world would be a darker place.

I prefer to smile at strangers – I hope you enjoy my smiles.

 A Great Day for flying copy3

Following is the didactic panel from my recent exhibition at the Perc tucker Gallery in Townsville.

For the Love of (Im) Possibilities

 Daring to Defy Urban Experience.

The urban landscape so familiar to us all is also something individual and different for each of us. This exhibition is an exciting and somewhat romantic environment that engages the senses. An environment which the audience members can get lost and hear their own music.  As individuals we bring our own experience and narrative thus giving each artwork an original and extremely personal story.

The semi abstract depiction and manipulation of the landscape encourages you to look more closely into the layering where you could discover hidden elements and finally find that special element that makes the work a unique experience for you. One person may believe the particular landscape to be an outback Queensland town while another sees it as Sydney or New York.

The colour and movement that has escaped my bush threatens to escape from the confines of the canvas it is my expression and adds to the texture and rich narrative woven throughout each piece.

 Whatever copy2

The exhibition was a screaming success, about 60 people came to the opening morning. Four pieces sold at the opening, and a birthday party of little girls came along and made my day.

The exhibition will now travel to Tasmania and has been invited to travel later in the new year to the UK.


BIG smiles.