Other Books

If Walls could talk‘If Walls Could Talk’
Portraits of Innisfail’s buildings through artwork and stories. Written by Jacque Duffy, Artwork by Stasia Abraham

On the 20th March 2007, an exhibition titled ‘If Walls Could Talk’ was opened. The exhibition showcased twenty-two of the buildings and structures within the Innisfail district, Far North Queensland, in the form of written works and art pieces. This book is the entire collection of written stories and art pieces from that sold out exhibition.

A Tapestry of War‘A Tapestry of War’
Tapestry of War’ is a collection of short stories and poems, woven together by the themes of love, loss, war, courage, friendship and redemption. 

Inspired by a hand-crafted brass letter-opener, the stories thread their way through Australia’s involvement in conflict; from World War I, to the jungles of New Guinea and Vietnam, the home-front and those left behind, to the present day.



Anzac ParkAnzac Park

Years have passed and I have grown.
My branches always strong.
They protect and have protected through the years.
The fiercest winds can only pass ‘round.
I am a sentry.

Years have passed and I have grown.
Where I stand was once a school yard.
I supplied a comfortable seat for young hearts,
Protected boys from the Headmaster’s wrath.
I gave children a strong playground for their imaginations.

Years have passed and I have grown.
My branches now too high to climb.
No longer a schoolyard but sports field.
Other trees planted with ceremony. I watched.
Sir Donald Bradman came. He played, he planted.

Years have passed and I have grown.
Our ANZAC’s have come home.
Now I stand in a park dedicated to memories.
Market Day, full of life, colour, memories
And the passing of ghosts………

 Jacque Duffy